4 Greek food you need to try during your stay at Greece

4 Greek food you need to try during your stay at Greece

4 Greek Food You Need To Try During Your Stay At Greece

Greek souvlaki is street fast food made of “gyro” (=pieces of slowly grilled seasoned pork or chicken meat), fried potatoes, tomato, onion, and tzatziki (=a greek sauce made of yogurt, olive oil, garlic, and vinegar) all wrapped in grilled seasoned pita bread. 

It is fully customizable as you can choose the meat (gyros, pork, chicken, kebab or without meat(vegetarian or vegan version) and the ingredients. You can also order a fitness version of souvlaki by asking the griller to not put oil on the pitta bread and not put the fried potatoes 🥔. 

Mousaka is an oven-baked food made of layers. From bottom to top you will find in your mοusaka:

The first, second, and third layers consist of potatoes, eggplants, and zucchini which have been fried in fresh olive oil.

Then comes a moisture layer of sliced meat and tomato sauce.

After that, there is a final layer of the white sauce (béchamel) made of butter, milk, and flour

And for a final touch, there is a top-rich layer of greek grated cheese (graviera).

Mpougatsa is a greek street food you can find in many coffee shops and bakeries as well as in restaurants.

It consists of puffy pastry creams with pastry cream.

It is served hot, sliced into mini squares, and sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon. 

There is also a salted version of mpougatsa, where cheese replaces the pastry cream, but the sweet version of mpougatsa is the most commonly consumed.

Galaktoboureko is a very common Greek pastry that is made of milk, semolina, cinnamon, and layers of crusty leaves all drizzled with syrup. You can find it in pastry shops, big bakeries and restaurants or tavernas.