Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer

Athens airport taxi

Book now your Athens airport taxi. Our expert taxi drivers will transfer you from and to Athens International Airport (AIA) “Eleftherios Venizelos”. Above all, at the Athenian taxi, we transfer you from/to Airport at fixed prices. Even more, our prices are according to the Greek taxi fares. You can find some useful info here at AIA’s official site.

Athens airport taxi services:

  • Pick up from airport
  • Drop off at airport
  • Welcome Pick up / Greeting service

Our airport taxi prices:

All of our prices are according to the Greek taxi fares. In case you want a taxi from Airport to Athens Center* or the reverse, the prices are fixed. In fact, below you can see the fixed airport taxi rates as issued by the Greek Ministry of Transportation:

Fixed Airport taxi Prices:
Daytime (05:00 – 24:00) : From Athens Airport to Athens Center* or the reverse: 38 €
Nighttime (24:00 – 5:00) : From Athens Airport to Athens Center* or the reverse: 54 €


*Athens Center or Athens Ring or Athens Daktylios is an area in the centre of Athens. You can find the map of Athens ring below. (the blue shaded area on the map)

How will you charge me from and to other areas except for Athens Ring?

In a word, you can book a taxi to transfer you to any destination. You will also pay according to the Greek taxi fares. If you want, for example, to book a taxi from Athens Airport to another area (outside the Athens Ring = Daktylios of Athens), here is a brief description of the Greek taxi fares and charges:

Firstly, there is the taxi flat rate at 1,29 €. In other words, when you enter a taxi in Athens the meter starts at 1.29€. In addition, there is an extra fee from and to the airport at 4,18 €. If you want to book a taxi at a specific date and time, there is an extra fee of 6,00 € (pre-booking). Then, you will be charged per km. The taxi rate per km in city limits is 0,74 / km on daytime (05:00 – 24:00). On the other hand, the same rate on nighttime (24:00 – 5:00) is 1,29€ per km. In the same way, the taxi rate outside city limits is 1,29€ per km.

Too complicated?

Contact us to get an approximate price quote right now or fill the booking form and we will contact you with our offer!

Our Meet and Greet Airport Taxi Service:

At Athenian taxi, we provide a greeting airport service for free. In case you want your driver to meet and greet you, just let us know. Then, your driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals lounge holding a label with your name on it. In addition, the label will have a big Athenian taxi logo in order to recognize us more quickly. As an illustration, here is how our meet and greet labels might look like:

Athenian taxi meet anf greet airport taxi services in Athens Greece
Our meet and greet service label.

At Athenian taxi, we want you to enjoy quality personalized taxi services at reasonable fair prices. Our drivers are experts at Airport Pickups. You will provide us with your flight number and the driver will monitor your flight. Thus, he will be on time, ready to transfer you and serve you in the best way possible!

Athenian taxi vehicles capacity and policies:

All of our vehicles are the newest taxi models around (Skoda Octavia, Toyota Prius etch). Each taxicab has a capacity of 4 passengers.

Due to safety and legislation reasons only, we consider as “a passenger”:

  • an adult
  • a kid
  • a baby in his baby seat (please note that due to hygiene reasons we do not provide baby seats)

Moreover, all of our vehicles are the legitimate classic Athens yellow taxis. In addition, all of our drivers are expert professional taxi drivers. Both the vehicles and drivers are under the laws and the supervision of Greek Authorities and the Greek Ministry of Transportation. Each vehicle has a legitimate taxi meter supervised and installed by the Greek Authorities.

Each Athens airport taxi is :

    • air-conditioned in order to transfer you at an ideal temperature and in a quiet environment
    • capable to provide you with free-wifi upon request
    • 100% clean and comfortable inside
    • a quiet, discreet and peaceful place you can fully customize upon request (radio, windows, air-condition etch)
    • equipped with large trunks for your items of luggage
    • in excellent condition
    • operated by an expert and discreet driver, capable and willing to meet any request you might have


Is Athenian taxi a kid friendly taxi in Athens?

If you are looking for a kid-friendly taxi in Greece to pick you up from Athens Airport with your kid, you are in the right place. At Athenian taxi, we are doing our best to be kid friendly as well as autism, spd and ADHD Aware. If you are travelling with a kid or a kid with ASD, SPD or ADHD please let us know when you book your taxi.

For example, you can ask the driver to lock the doors so that they will not open from the inside.Furthermore, you can take advantage of our meet and greet service. In other words, you can ask your driver to be at the arrivals lounge to greet you and take your luggage stroller so that you can take care of your kid.

At our Athens airport taxi, you will not have to worry about your kid being frustrated or overwhelmed. Our drivers will try to be understanding and help you in any way they can.

How do I book my Athens airport taxi?

You can book your taxi by phone, email or by filling out the booking form. Firstly, we will give you a price quote. Then we will agree on a payment method. After that, you will book your airport taxi and you will have a guaranteed transfer at your arrival!

Do you have any questions? Do you want to get a quote? Contact us or fill out the booking form!