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How to Book a taxi in Athens | Booking Information:

This booking form (book a taxi in Athens service) is not yet binding until Athenian taxi sends you a confirmation email or a driver calls you.
We want you to be 100% secure after your booking.
With this in mind, we have designed some safety steps in the booking procedure in order to guarantee your booking.

These are our safety steps to book your taxi:

  • Firstly, you fill the booking form or contact us via phone, or messenger
  • Secondly, you receive a confirmation call, email, or message with the price 
  • Then, you accept the offer 
  • Finally, your booking is 100% secure!

We are experienced professional drivers at private transfers and our main characteristic is our responsibility towards our clients. We believe that no automated booking form can guarantee 100% security to our customers.  For this reason, each request is reviewed by a real driver and you receive a confirmation email or call. Even more, you receive a personalized price quote.

 If you don’t like filling out forms, you can also book your taxi by phone, email Messenger or Viber.

Regarding this, here are the links to our contact details:

Booking tips and useful information (Book a taxi in Athens):

  • Insert the name and contact details of the main passenger
  • If you are booking an airport transfer,  provide us also with your flight number
  • For port transfers, we would like you to provide  the ship’s name, company, destination and schedule
  • Furthermore, inform Athenian taxi about any special requests (ie kids, big luggage, strollers etch)
  • If you want to book both a transfer and a tour, you can also do this by email or by phone

Finally, don’t forget you can also book by email or from our facebook page (messenger) or even more by phone.

For this reason, here are some useful links:

Go to the Top of the page in order to  fill the booking form

Or go to contact page

You can also, find us and chat with us on our facebook page here!

Above all, we are here to help you book the service you need. So, despite this booking form and despite the services mentioned on this website, we can also provide every other personalized taxi service. For example, you might need to go for a coffee or to explore Piraeus before boarding your ship. You can keep your stuff and luggage safe in our taxi and then explore the market. This is called waiting time and there is an extra charge. You can ask more about it at your booking request.

By the way, do not forget we are a kid-friendly, pet-friendly Athens taxi. Above all, our aim is to provide excellent services at the best price. In order to do that we provide 24/7 customer service. In addition, all of our services are fully customizable. So, don’t hesitate to contact us for any request!