Syntagma square in Athens

Syntagma square in Athens

Syntagma square is the most centric area in Athens City. The Greek Parliament is also at Syntagma Square. Furthermore, there is the tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the presidential guards. The changing of the guards’ ceremony is a unique sight that attracts thousands of tourists!

Changing of the Guards Ceremony

The presidential guards (unit of Evzones) change guard each 1 hour with a special ceremony and procedure.

The presidential guards are  special unit which are dedicated to guard the Greek Parliament and the Monumnet of the Unknown Soldier. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In fact, each couple of guards keep their post for 1 hour. Furthermore, in that hour, the Evzones must stand still without moving. Even more, they must not move their face or make expressions! Each 1 hour the guards change with a special ceremony procedure!

Other things to do at Syntagma square

If you want to take a free tour inside the Greek Parliament, you can do it as an individual or as a group. In fact, if you are an individual you can take a free tour each Frinday at 15:00. You can also take an individual tour each Monday at 15:00. However you can take this tour only on June, July or September. Furthermore, you should book your free tour at at least 5 days in advance. For more information click here to visit the official site.

Syntagma square to airport -Greek PArliamnet tour by taxi

This is a monument in front of the Greek Parliament. It is dedicated to all the soldiers that killed during the war. The sculptor Fokion Rok designed it at 1932. There are also sayings at the left and the side of the sculpture. In fact, these are sayings of the Athenian Historical Thucydides. Also, there are written battle locations of World War I, World War II as well as the First and Second  Balkan War.

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