Arriving at Athens International Airport

Arriving at Athens International Airport

Athens taxi airport finding just got easier! Is it your first time traveling to Athens Greece? So, here is a mini-guide of what you need to know when arriving at Athens International Airport. Also, you can fing lots of useful links.

Athens taxi airport service:

Firstly, you need to plan ahead. Before traveling to Greece you must do your personal research. You also have to decide how you want to move around in Athens! So, if for example, you have a lot of luggage, we would not recommend public transport. Because it would be really tiring moving your luggage around in metro, subway, and crowded buses!

With this in mind, we have designed an athens transport guide with the prices of airport public transfers. As well as the pros and the cos of each public transport solution. Finally, we hope you find this helpful.

Comparing Athens transportation from Airport to Athens City Centre

Bus from Airport to Athens

X95 SYNTAGMA – ATHENS AIRPORT EXPRESS is the most common bus. So, you can take it outside the airport and then go straigh at Syntagma Square!
Price for 4 persons: 24€ (or 6€/person)
Duration: 1hour or more

Subway from Airport to Athens

Subway from Airport to Monastiraki (Metro Blue line) is a great way to get to Athens Center. Also, at another subway station.
Price for 4 persons:40 € (or 10€/person)
Duration: 40 minutes to Monastiraki station (Athens Center). Also, then you can continue to the station nearest to your hotel.

Taxi from Airport to Athens

There is a fixed taxi rate for taxi transfers from airport to Athens Center.
Price for 4 persons: 38€ (price/vehicle: 38€)
Duration: 30 minutes
Also, the cab leaves you at your hotel.
Finally, we suggest booking an Athens taxi Airport in advance.

Closing, here is a list of links you could explore to learn more about Athens and ways to move around!

We always encourage our customers to do their own research. Because we combine high quality, low prices and passion for our work, we believe we will be your first choice for your transfers.

So, here are some links to do your own research on taxi companies and public transport in Greece:

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Finally, we hope this guide was helpful for you. Furthermore, we are here to anwer any question you have about moving around in Athens.

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