11 things to do in Athens

11 things to do in Athens

11 things to do in Athens | 2018 edition

Acropolis is one of the must things to do in Athens. Indeed, the most visited sight in the world! Millions of tourists visit Acropolis each year.  In fact, you can see unique architectural monuments such as the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylaea. [Read more here]

Monastiraki is the most historic and graphic neighbourhood of Athens City. It is located under the Acropolis and near Archaia Agora, Plaka and Psiri. Thus, Monastiraki is the ideal place to begin with your shopping and then end up to a taverna at Plaka or a cafe at Psiri. Furthurmore, it  is full of graphic shops selling traditional Greek products and Souvenirs (Soaps, greek jewlerry, leather sandals, greek souvenirs, scarfs, t-shirts, gifts, natural sponges and tons of amazing stuff).

[Also, learn more insider tips about Monastiraki Square here]

Philopappou Hill, or Muses Hill, or Sengio Hill, is a hill in Athens across from the Acropolis. It is connected to the hills of the Observatory and Pnyx.  People use to take walks and go on picnics. Once you climb the hill, you will have an amazing view of Athens City and Acropolis.  [More info here]

Psiri is a small historic neighboorhood near Monastiraki and Plaka. Indeed, It is a graphic place full of cafeterias, gelaterias, bars and shops. After you finish your shopping at Monastiraki, you can hit Psiri Square at Google Maps. Then, you will walk through little colourful alleys and end your day at a cafeteria. [In addition, you can visit this link here]

Plaka is a district in the center of Athens under the Acropolis. It borders with the Makrigianni district, the Pillars of Olympian Zeus, Zappeion, and Monastiraki. It has been characterized as a traditional settlement. Furthermore, it is also known as the “neighboorhood of Gods”. Plaka is full of graphic Greek tavernas scattered on the paved historic streets under Acropolis. We suggest visiting Plaka late at afternoon or in the evening. Don’t forget to order “tzatziki” (yoghurt sauce) and Greek salad 🙂

Lycabettis is a hill in Athens with amazing view of the whole city. Also, one of the must things to do in Athens.  Furthermore, you can climb the hill by car or by the famous teleferic. In fact, this funicular railway will  take you through a tunnel to the top of Lycabettus. It is about a10 minutes ride and the price is 5€ for one way. You can also use a full ticket (go and return) at 7€. Please note that the frequency of services is every 30 minutes. 

[Finally, visit the official site here]

Athens metro subway  is rated one of the top 10. In fact, when you visit the athens metro you get to see ancient  exhibitions for free.  That’s because during  its construction artifacts of archaeological interest were discovered and all of these are now exhibited inside the Subway (streets, houses, cemeteries, sanctuaries, public workshops, foundry pits, kilns, aqueducts, wells, cisterns, drains and sewage tunnels) .

[Learn about tickets and prices here]

Syntagma Square is the heart of Athens City. In fact, there is located the Greek Parliament and the monument of the Unknown Soldier. Furthermore, special guards dressed traditionally guard the monument 24h and change guards every hour. In addition, they change guard via a special ceremony of synchronized moves. It is definitely a must thing to do during your stay at Athens and an amazing place to take photos.

[Also, learn more about Syntagma Square here]

Kolonaki is a fancy stylish neighboorhood of Athens. Indeed, a  hub for upscale shopping, where you can buy famous designer clothes and visit Greek designer boutiques. Also, there are  fine dining restaurants offering to customers international cuisines as well as modern alternatives of Greek cooking. In addition, you will find trendy bars that have live jazz or cultural cafeterias with artistic concepts.  Further, you can go to Kolonaki by metro (drop off at Evaggelismos (line 3) and walk to Kolonaki square.)



If you decide to visit Kolonaki then you must visit the Museum of Cycladic Art. Thus, this museum is located at Kolonaki and is famous for its unique cafe: the Cycladic Cafe. In fact, the cafe combines art, architecture and gastronomy. Top architects designed this space and the entrance is free. Indeed, no museum ticket is required in order to enter the cafe. In other words, you can get in there just to take a coffee or eat a unique Cycladic dish[Also, learn more about the cafe anf the museum here]

21 things to do in Athens 

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is a complex in Palaio Faliro (near Athens). It also includes facilities for the National Library of Greece and the National Opera of Greece. There is also the 210,000 m² Stavros Niarchos Park. Furthermore there are food and beverages stores like Pharos Cafe which is set at SNFCC’s highest vantage point.  In addition there is the visitor’s center which offers tours of the park and the foundation. [You can learn more about the hours and new events occuring during the summer here]

Athens is a city with hundreds of things to do, places to visit and activities to participate. What is your top thing to do in Athens you would suggest other travelers?

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